Why Novawood

With 19 years of experience in the field of wood heat modified products, Novawood has always operated in accordance with international criteria and standards and is seeking creative innovations while considering the market demand.
Novawood always takes its steps cautiously and carefully, keeping in mind the environmental, social and economic benefits, and we are pleased to have taken a step forward in the direction of sustainability.
In our first step, it is very important for us to source our raw materials from forests and sustainable sources, which we do.
Because forests play an important role for the environment, population and global economy, besides alleviating the effects of climate change and natural disasters.
Novawood is proud to contribute to the sustainability of forests and clean nature, which protects the future of our biosphere, ensures fresh air to breathe, meets the needs of the global wood economy, diverse forests and a healthy green environment. 
The manufacturing of our Thermowood products are completely natural and chemical free which takes place after review, evaluation and approval by global administrations, with world-class facilities equipped with latest technology manchineries in accordance with the established international standards.
We present our products as "green, renewable, sustainable, recyclable, versatile and biodegradable" to the woodworking, architectural, engineering and construction communities.
By presenting our products to you, not only do we give your spaces a beautiful and natural look, but also present a safe material to bring you a clean and green climate by carbon and water transparency.