Pi Fix

It is used for indoor and outdoor architectural applications that require hidden fixation system (assembly) for solid wood and composite deck, facade, linear suspended ceilings and sunshades.

A system composed of plastic mounting element with an aluminum carcass (with base) used in carcass assembly that allows local change and renewal. The product is used for fixing various outdoor and indoor woods on the carcass at desired distances. Using an additional measuring equipment such as a template for the distance adjustment on the wood will provide ease of assembly. This setting can be changed flexibly after installation, in all sizes, when assembled.

The design supports the flexible assembly model. Pi-Fix clips are attached to the carcass at equal distances and parallelism without the need for an additional adapter system specific to each size. Thus, the interstitial spaces in the deck and façade remain at the desired level and regularity. Pi-Fix Clipsc are an invisible and a practical wooden fixation (assembly) element that enables a perfect air circulation. It is hidden that it can not be seen when looked from the front. Pi-Fix clips mounted on the wood with the help of the specially shaped aluminum carcass forms a Pi-Fix system that has a centering and mouthing feature. Thus, it generates “push-fix and locking” effect. Pi-Fix clips can also be easily applied to unique formed carcasses with wooden support.

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